Upcoming Workshops and Performances:


Oct 1 NY, NY Celebration of Elisheva's Life! A showcase, in honor of an amazing dancer, artist and my dear friend, celebrating her incredible body of work. https://www.facebook.com/events/122331261694659
Oct 4 NYC Future of Storytelling Conference. Irina's new choreography was presented as part of the Origins project, combined with cutting edge holographic technology, under the production of Bella Gaia Details: Origin Stories
Oct 14 Somerset, NJ Performing at Rakkasah East Festival! 5pm with my company Kiaroscuro and 7pm a special set, honoring Elisheva. http://www.rakkasah.com/east/
Oct 21 Washington, DC Performing at Raven's Night, hosted by the incredible Belladonna! http://bellafuse.com/
Oct 22 Washington, DC 2 Workshops, hosted by Sahara Studios! http://saharadance.com/workshops/
Nov 8-10 Ferguson, VA Performing with project Bella Gaia http://www.bellagaia.com/
Nov 17-19 Salt Lake City, Utah My first (in the US) Odissi-Inspired Fusion Intensive for Bellydancers! 14 of hours of fusion, with a performance opportunity! https://www.facebook.com/events/763417570502394
Dec 10 NY, NY A very special performance in the show "Shakti: The Female Principle of Divine Energy" https://www.facebook.com/events/527792354222643/
Dec 17 NY, NY Performing with my student groups at the Bellyqueen Winter Hafla! http://bellyqueen.com/events/bellyqueen-school-2017-winter-showcase/


Jan 6 NY, NY Performing with Kiaroscuro at "Burn This"
March 3-11,'18 Las Vegas, NV Performance at Tribal Massive TBA
March 28 NY, NY Performance at Baile Noir with Kiaroscuro TBA
April 13-15 Jacksonville, FL River City Raks Festival https://www.rivercityraqs.com/
May 11 Bella Gaia performance San Hose, California http://www.bellagaia.com/
May 30 - June 4 Busan, Korea Irina is honored to be invited to teach and perform at the Busan International Dance Festival http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/ATR/SI_EN_3_1_1_1.jsp?cid=1039993
June 22 - 24 Riccione, Italy A weekend of workshops! https://www.facebook.com/events/198108524134626/
June 25 - July 3 Italy, retreat Irina is excited to join Dalia Carella and Alice Giampieri in the beautiful Italian countryside for an adventurous dance retreat. Details: http://www.daliacarella.com/retreat
July 13-15,'18 Hunt Valley, Maryland Teaching and performing at Dangerous Curves Convention https://www.dangerouscurvesconvention.com/
Oct 13-14 NJ Rakkasah East TBA
Nov 3 DC Ravens' Night Details: TBA
Dec 16 on hold Bellyqueen Winter Showcase Details: TBA

Jan 16-17, 2019 Seattle BG http://www.bellagaia.com/
Jan 30 NY, NY Performance at the Slipper Room, hosted by Brenna and Giselle https://www.facebook.com/events/303098777214318/
Feb 23-28 Arizona, Lore Tree, CO University of Arizona, (Confirmed) Bella Gaia performance http://www.bellagaia.com/
Feb 28 Colorado workshop at Bella Diva Dance https://www.facebook.com/events/1828448193927704/
March 22-24 Ocean City, MD Teaching and performing at Art of the Belly http://www.artofthebelly.net/inicio.html
April 2-4 Folsom, CA/ Sacramento Performing with Bella Gaia, Harris Center, 2 shows http://www.bellagaia.com/
April 12 Muncie, Indiana Performing with Bella Gaia http://www.bellagaia.com/
April 26 Florida Performing with Bella Gaia http://www.bellagaia.com/
May 10 Houston, TX, LA Performing with Bella Gaia http://www.bellagaia.com/
June 2 NYC Bellyqueen Summer Showcase https://bellyqueen.com/
June 12-14 Fayetteville, AR Bella Gaia performance http://www.bellagaia.com/
June 17 Tokyo, Japan Irina teaching a workshop https://www.facebook.com/india.nakamura.0225
June 21-July 7 Thailand Irina in Thailand TBA
July 13-14 Cincinnati workshops and performance at Elegant Creatures 2019 https://www.facebook.com/events/196659724276773/
August 17-24 on hold on hold, MB NM on hold
August 28 NY, NY Irina performs in NYC - Bday bash! TBA
Nov 2-3 Washington, DC Performing and teaching at Ravens Night https://ravensnight.com
Nov 15-16 on hold on hold, NYC, D+D on hold

Jan 16-19 Florida BG c. TBA
March 19-20 On hold Oh hold On hold
April 11-12 On hold Oh hold On hold
April 23 On hold Oh hold On hold
Aug 15-22 On hold Oh hold. C. M

July 10-11 On hold Z On hold

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